Shrimp Wagon Okinawa

About us

“I wanna live here!!” I thought when we first came to Okinawa. After that, we met a lot of people and learned this village and this Island, and then we were able to meet the people living there. We considered how we can make everyone happy, locals as well as tourist. That was the beginning of us.

Shrimp Wagon 沖縄今帰仁村

We hope to be able to grow with our kids as a human being through the life in beautiful island, where we can have good relations with neighbors.


Shop Name Shrimp Wagon Yanbaru Kitchen
Address 436-1, Kouri, Nakijin-son, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa, Japan.
Company Otsuki shoukai LLC
Open hours Mon-Sun 11:00-17:00
Tel 0980-56-1242
Payment Cash
Parking Free of chage